Zero Balancing


Zero Balancing (ZB) is a comprehensive system of healing facilitated through hands-on bodywork designed to align your energy body with your physical body founded by Dr. Fritz Smith, M.D., D.O., and Five Element Acupuncturist in the late 1970’s.  Subtle, yet powerful techniques integrate traditional manual therapy with the redistribution of body energy.  This conscious touch organizes bone energy, the deepest undercurrent of energy in the body.  It is a unique bodywork system that integrates eastern and western philosophies of healing.  You may experience corrected structural imbalances, relief from pain, anxiety, stress, and life transitions feel easier.   A profound experience of decreased tension and increased wellness arises.  The Zero Balancing Health Association (ZBHA) recommends 3 sessions minimally as the treatments build upon each consecutive treatment.  A certified ZB practitioner requires extensive training and experience in skeletal anatomy, specificity of touch based on the principles of physics, conscious awareness, proprioception, sensory feedback and keen attention.

The ZBHA also recommends ZB if you:

  • suffer from headaches, backaches, fatigue or depression
  • suffer from held tension, insomnia, nervousness
  • want improved relationships and or attitudes
  • want a clearer mind, gain insight or align with your basic rhythms
  • want to feel more relaxed and invigorated
  • want to feel more contentment
  • want to sustain feelings of well-being
  • want to make a smooth transition in life personally or professionally
  • experienced a recent fall or accident
  • experiencing jetlag or need to acclimate to time zone

After consulting with your practitioner and discussing your specific needs, the ZB session will begin.  Each full session is approximately 30 – 45 minutes.  You will be fully clothed, seated on a soft padded table then lying on your back for most of the session.

Dress comfortably preferably with limbs covered – no tank or sleeveless tops.

Gentle finger mobilizations will occur along your bones and joints where needed.  Fundamentally, principles in ZB practice include promoting no hurting pain or discomfort during the treatment as well as clear boundaries between the client and practitioner.  In other words there is no transference of energies between the client and practitioner.  Only the client’s energy will be mobilized and balanced.


*Artwork by Michael Oruch, ZB Faculty, NYC


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