Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is the most sophisticated system of natural medicine that has been around for over two millennia.  It is food for medicine from nature.  The majority of Chinese herbs are plant based and a few animal based products are prescribed as appropriate for your needs.  Where energetic healing manually or with the needles comes from balancing within a person’s body, Chinese herbal medicine adds to and can often quicken healing by assisting the energetics of specific organs to build the body from deficiencies or assists in clearing toxicities out of the body where there is excess.  The formulas or modifications of formulas that are prescribed are based on empirical knowledge and known to cure and prevent many patterns of illness.  Many formulas are routinely prescribed today in many western medical facilities all across Asia.  These patterns of illness are diagnosed by looking at the tongue and listening to 18-24 pulses at the wrist along the radial artery.  Whether you prefer raw herbs (cooked and decocted into a liquid), powder (dissolved in water), or pill form, only the cleanest and safest suppliers are used to ensure quality herbs for your custom or patented formula.