Summer in Florida has arrived – the Fire Element of Love, Warmth, and Light!


The energy of summer is equivalent to the fire element in Chinese medicine.  Fire can be warming like a campfire.  It can be explosive and as you might imagine, life threatening when out of control.  It can provide warmth and light like the blazing sun.  It can go out in a blink when there is too much water or no fuel.  It is the only element with 4, rather than 2 corresponding organs – the heart, the small intestines, the triple burner, and the heart protector.  The energy is upward which is the energy when one jumps up for joy whether it be because of pure laughter, fun, love, joy or enthusiasm.  Do you often seek out a party or maybe you long to be loved.  Do you live in summer?  Are you attending to your fire?

In Chinese medicine, the heart is not just an efficient pump that circulates blood. The heart is the source for warmth and unconditional love.  J.R. Worsley, one of the first acupuncturists in the western world refers to the heart as the “supreme controller” or the “emperor of the kingdom.”  It governs the blood which is the medium to communicate with all the other “ministers of the kingdom” who can assist with spreading this warmth and unconditional love to every cell of our being and to the tip of every finger and toe.  With a healthy “kingdom”, the people manifest joy and enthusiasm in work and life.  There is a spark, and a visible twinkle in the eyes.  There is a sort of letting go of control, restful sleep, the ability to love and be loved, and a calm spirit. When the heart is sick, the whole body is affected. With chaos in the “kingdom”, there can be hysteria.  People may feel panic and start controlling others. There is no joy or enthusiasm, and life can utterly fall apart.

When the heart is happy and healthy, relationships blossom, there is clarity of the mind, and your spirit is settled.   If you live in summer,  you are meant to bring joy, love, warmth, light, maturity, and propriety to those around you.  You are the radiance, the spark that ignites the fire, and a mature flower in full bloom.

Take mindful care of your heart and see an acupuncturist!  Many cardiologists are now recommending acupuncture for their patients.  The strength of Chinese medicine is the ability to see imbalance before any “diagnosis” arises.  Western medical practitioners often make a diagnosis when pathology manifests physically, a later stage of imbalance.

Things to consider in summer to support your Fire:

  1.  Make it a priority to have fun!  Do what it is that brings you joy!
  2.  Surround yourself with those who make you laugh, receiving their warmth and joy.
  3.  Give of yourself by giving someone unconditional love.
  4.  Meditate 10 minutes today to clear your mind and settle your spirit.
  5.  Get moving!  Circulate that blood whether it be exercising, dancing or surfing at the beach!
  6.  Eat red foods!  Beets, carrots, raspberries, pomegranates, adzuki/kidney beans, red meat or liver, and longan fruit all nourish your blood (especially menstruating women)!
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Spring is here! Do you live in the wood element?


Wood  is the element of spring.  It bursts forth with energy and moves out in every direction.  Wood progresses forward with vision, clarity, assertiveness and discernment.  It is green and flexible like a bamboo shoot that grows 100 feet straight up into the heavens.  Even the strong winds won’t stop it from growing as it bends with every obstacle without breaking because of it’s resilience and strength.  When properly nourished and supported by the richness of the soil and the warmth of the blistering sun, the wood element manifests with the virtue of benevolence.  Wood is associated with the Liver and Gall Bladder.  Your wood element within you wants to do whatever possible for the good of all humanity.  Unfortunately when out of balance, without the proper nutrition, a lack of moisture, or a lack of sunshine in your life, many obstacles can block this growth.  Sometimes, the imbalance can cause an overgrowth that affect the overproduction of cells or thoughts.  Are you stuck in a rut, where you feel frustrated or angry because something or everything is in the way?  Are you unable to assert yourself or are you indecisive?  Are you feeling exhausted because you are unable to rest and your thoughts are racing throughout the night?  Are you all dried out, inflexible and literally feel like you might snap in half?  Do you have vision for your future or do you have difficulty making a plan?  Or are you constantly making plans and unable to give yourself time to be still (without the phone)?  When you live in this wood element, or when your wood element is out of balance, these are common issues that may play out in your life preventing you from being your most virtuous self.  Physical manifestations eventually occur which include allergies, joint pains, tendon strains, hypochondriac pain and over a longer period can lead to organ dysfunction.  All of the elements support one another and the health in you may need to be readjusted and a few road blocks cleared so that your path may be opened to healthy growth, deep breathing, productivity, sound sleep, and justice for all!

Considerations in the season of spring time to nourish your wood element:

  1. Go easy on the alcohol.
  2. Eat greens.
  3. Try something new and creative!
  4. Wake up early and exercise or take a brisk walk and enjoy what is sprouting all around you!
  5. Go to bed early so you can wake up early!
  6. Use your time wisely, be productive so that you can enjoy the summer.  Spring doesn’t last forever!
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Welcome to Zero Balancing!


After a ZB session, you may find yourself feeling supported and uplifted, relaxed and energetic, clear minded and calm.  ZB enhances your body and mind with a dose of happiness!  ZB is a unique manual therapy that integrates eastern and western philosophies of healing addressing structure and energy simultaneously.  It is different from a massage in that there is a specificity of touch at the skeletal level.  It is beneficial for any sort of musculoskeletal tension, pain or injury.  It is especially recommended for rebalancing after a fall, trauma or just to feel more aligned and centered.  It can improve gait or running patterns, range of motion, ease of motion, and performance.  You may feel that through the release of overall tension in the bones, creativity in dance, music and art can be activated with finer sensitivity to external and internal feedback within yourself.  ZB is wonderful for stressful times of change, transition in life, when overworked physically, or overburdened emotionally.


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