Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a noninvasive traditional form of treatment that is rooted in the traditional western medical model.  It addresses structural impairments of the body including, decreased range of motion of the joints, muscle imbalances and strains, ligament sprains, gait dysfunction, balance and vestibular dysfunction, post-surgical or post-traumatic rehabilitation, neurological involvement, resulting in pain, limited functional activity, and/or performance.

Biomechanics and treatment of structural impairment can alleviate symptoms by addressing all areas of the anatomical body.  Skilled observation and assessment of individual impairments and goals, specific movement patterns, functional activities of daily life, and performance levels are qualitatively and quantitatively measured.

Manual therapy is a crucial piece in the rehabilitation of the physical body.  Miha specializes in Zero Balancing which has a unique and deep specificity of touch that integrates the structural body with the energetic body.  By aligning the flow of energy in the skeletal body, with a focus on the joints, the deepest undercurrents of tension is released.  This often releases tension in all areas superficial to the bone.  A general feeling of wellness, a restful night of deep sleep, a reduction or elimination of pain, and increased function is often an immediate result after just one 45-50 minute session. Depending on your impairments and diagnosis, treatment frequency and duration varies.

There are no aides, assistants or athletic trainers.  You will have access to one-on-one individualized physical therapy care.