Welcome to Zero Balancing!


After a ZB session, you may find yourself feeling supported and uplifted, relaxed and energetic, clear minded and calm.  ZB enhances your body and mind with a dose of happiness!  ZB is a unique manual therapy that integrates eastern and western philosophies of healing addressing structure and energy simultaneously.  It is different from a massage in that there is a specificity of touch at the skeletal level.  It is beneficial for any sort of musculoskeletal tension, pain or injury.  It is especially recommended for rebalancing after a fall, trauma or just to feel more aligned and centered.  It can improve gait or running patterns, range of motion, ease of motion, and performance.  You may feel that through the release of overall tension in the bones, creativity in dance, music and art can be activated with finer sensitivity to external and internal feedback within yourself.  ZB is wonderful for stressful times of change, transition in life, when overworked physically, or overburdened emotionally.


About Miha Kim, Acupuncture Physician, Physical Therapist

Board Certified, NCCAOM Diplomate of Oriental Medicine, Licensed Acupuncture Physician, Licensed Physical Therapist with a demonstrated history in skilled manual therapy with certification in Zero Balancing, physical rehabilitation, a Master of Science in Physical Therapy from Columbia University and a Master of Acupuncture focused on Five Element Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Integrative Medicine from the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture.
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